Country Bear Jamboree

STILL Under Construction...

This is the original page that began this site. I designed it back in 1996, and it is the most neglected page on the site. Is it antique? Is it retro? Am I just LAZY? Who knows! However, the sounds on this page are in Mp3 Format, and are the best recordings ANYWHERE of the Original Country Bear Jamboree Show. If you know someone who has better sound files than these, please email me... but I doubt they exist. Please enjoy my original attempt at web design. Maybe someday, I will update... LOL!

For those of you who do not have an mp3 player, click here to get one:

All sound files are mp3 format, in "CD quality" (44k, 64bps) mono:

ImagePre-show (210k)
ImagePianjo (504k)
ImageBear band serenade (817k)
ImageLil' Oscar's teddy bear (8k) Image
ImageFractured Folk song (443k)
ImageMy woman ain't pretty (But she don't swear none) (342k)
ImageMama, don't whip little Buford (221k)
ImageTears will be the chaser for my wine (583k)
ImagePretty little devilish Mary (477k)
ImageHow long will my baby be gone? (261k)
ImageAll the guys that turn me on, turn me down (495k)
ImageIf ya can't bite, don't growl (372k)
ImageHeart, we did all that we could (608k)
ImageBlood on the saddle (379k)
ImageBallad of Davey Crockett (w/Big Al interruption) (337k)
ImageOle slew-foot (490k)
Image"We're just one big happy family" (66k)
Image"That's our show" (63k)
ImageCome again (come on in) (431k)
ImageExit music (247k)
ImageHenry's laugh (10k)

I eventually plan to add LOTS OF PICTURES to this site.
Check back often to see what's new...


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