Bear Biographies

Henry, Master of Ceremonies at the Country Bear Playhouse, stands 6 feet tall in his stocking paws. He is another famous football player who entered show business. Henry was formerly with the "Goose Creek Bruins". One day they tried a "hidden ball" play, and Henry hid the ball so well that he couldn't find it. This hastened his transfer to music. For a while, he had trouble finding the melody, too. But Henry is a likable sort, and audiences go for him, like he goes for honey.

For a finale, Henry sang "The ballad of Davey Crockett" with Sammy, his live racoon hat. Henry is glad that he turned in his football gear for a starched shirt, and Sammy. "After all," he explains, "I never knew a football helmet that could sing like Sammy".

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